Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Big Sky Country Pictures

This is going to be quick just so I can get my pictures up here.

I went from Santa Cruz to Ben and Jessie's wedding in San Diego for the weekend.  Then, Elizabeth, Ryan, Angie, and I took off driving to Glacier National Park.  It was awesome.  I may write a little more about it later if I find some time.  From there, Ryan and Angie drove home so Elizabeth and I hitch hiked to Kalispell and stayed with Lauren Casey for a few days at her parent's house.

DSC_5893.NEF (237 of 293).jpg

After that, due to lack of public transportation in Montana, we hitch hiked down to Darby and met my dad to stay a week at his cabin in the Bitterroot Valley.  That was fun too.

We then took the train from Whitefish to Chicago, where Elizabeth moved for grad school.  We spent a week there and then I went home.

Really boring.  Sorry.

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