Thursday, December 15, 2005

Spain 2005 #3

here is my last installment of pictures from my trip.

the last couple months living in spain was a blast... i'd love to tell you all about it, but i dont wanna type that much right now, so just ask me if youre interested. the pictures can kinda give you a story about what i did with my time there: trip to munich, salzburg, barcelona and a few hours in madrid. other than that i spent a lot of time in cordoba, and enjoyed it there a lot more, especially once i could speak and understand better than in the beginning.

now, i'm back in santa cruz for a few days then i'm off to UCLA to finish my last quarter of school... then i dunno, hopefully something fun.


and as always, here is the link to ALL of my shared pictures, in case you wanna go look at the other ones:

which was just updated with some REALLY helpful explanations of what each link contains. again, the picture of me in the red dress is NOT me.


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