Friday, September 2, 2005

Eastern Europe 2005 #2

hey selected recipients-

the main purpose for this update is just to give you a visual on how i´ve been doing. thats chris (left), me (center), and stephen (right)... but dont hold me to that cause i sometimes get left/right wrong, and by sometimes, i mean always. also... we may or may not have bought euro-shorts and actually worn them. we did, i mean... how else are our upper thighs gonna get super tan??? and the first time we wore them, there were at least 3 different groups of women laughing at us so loud, it was as if they wanted us to know. NO MATTER WHAT WE WEAR, ITS NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR THESE PEOPLE!!!

anyways, other than that, there isnt a whole lot to update. we finished up our jolly time in croatia riding around on some boats going to some gorgeous islands, windsurfing, playing frisbee and lounging on beaches, and it made me wanna learn to sail, so i could do all that on my own. the whole coast of croatia was gorgeous and seemed devoid of american and british tourists, it was pretty cool to experience the strange looks for speaking english naturally and wearing shorts that arent capris or speedos for a little bit (this is also true of the places i went before this too)... i definately plan on going back, and highly suggest those of you that like to travel do the same.

i went to venice for the 3rd time, and showed chris and stephen around, but lost us in the little alleyways a couple times, so we just and to eat some gelato when our energy was wearing thin. also, im sorry to say that i was one of those idiots who lets the pigeons climb on their arms in st. mark´s square... but theyre just so cute and irresistable, those pigeons (nature´s flying rat). since then, weve been here in valencia with lindsay, amy, and michelle (some friends from LA)... hanging out at the beach, wandering around the city, shopping for short shorts, taking siestas, and such. we also went to la tomatina a couple days ago... for those of you that dont remember from last year, its the huge tomato fight in the street here in spain. again, one of the craziest things ive ever seen in my life, it leaves you feeling somewhat disgusting (i think i still have tomato in my ear), but lotsa fun regardless.

im going to cordoba, the city ill be studying in this year, tomorrow... and ill send out address and other junk then.

anyways, i should get going... keep in touch,


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