Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Central America 2006 #1

Pura Vida My Ass:

hello from costa rica

i write you all from the luxurious hampton inn and suites in the beautiful suburb outside of san jose, costa rica, near the airport. for those of you that dont know, ive been in costa rica for the last 2 weeks, having a pretty good time... travelling around. i saw some nice beaches and ´cultural things´ here, along with some sweet jungle action too. ive had fun trying to speak spanish again, pretty much blowing a lot, but tons of people here speak english anyways... its hard to escape.

ive spent lots of my time observing wildlife and stuff like that... saw some monkeys, crocs, sloths, birdies, raccoonish thing, caymans, and others as well, its been pretty sweet seeing all these creatures that dont really exist in the states. i also just got bombarded with political theory at the bar and instantly thought of kevin wanting to give rights to dolphins or some nonsense like that (while im on the subject of wildlife). other things to brag about: jungle zip line tours, jungle canoe paddling, beautiful beaches, blah blah blah, either stuff you´ve seen or wont care about reading. my number one highlight is hearing george michael´s careless whisper 3 times while here.

i think the number 2 highlight of my trip was getting ALL OF OUR SHIT STOLEN from our car. well, thats a lie. they stole everything but the car, ben´s snorkel flippers, and my backpack full of clothes. but they did get away with tons of stuff. they also stole my frisbee that had been in 20 different countries and survived getting lost in the ocean 2 times and hellhole once, and my prized ucla hat (and sure, they got all our passports, cash and cameras). anyways, i now have my temporary passport where i look like a terrorist, and my mom managed to have her credit card saved so she gave me some cash to get me through the next 4 weeks where ill be in guatemala and belize... but sadly i´ll not be posting any pictures now, or later. so, if you hate reading and see an email from me in the next 4 weeks, just delete it cause there will be no special links to jealousy-inducing pictures of me doing cool things.

in the next 4 weeks, i hope to mount some kind of animal and have it transport me around, even if its in a big circle for money.

hope all is well back there, feel free to drop me a line... ill hopefully and gladly write back,


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